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✨ means “wow”.

What does ✨ emoji mean?

✨ is just another way of saying “wow” and expressing how amazing something is. In other words, it can be used as a congratulatory sign.

For example, someone might text you “ That was ✨✨”, the use of ✨ shows that the person is amazed at your performance and saying congratulations to you.

Other meanings and examples

✨ can be used to express emphasis

The ✨ can express emphasis about something. This is common on Tiktok where people place a word or phrase between two of this emoji ✨

For example:

  • That was an ✨excellent✨ performance.
  • Smelling something “fishy” here.

The use of the 🌝 expresses the context of romance in the conversation

✨ can be used flirtatiously with 😉

If you want to complement someone or flirt with someone using 😉 with ✨ can be a good choice. It means you are crushing on the person.

For example:

  • You are looking sweet tonight ✨😉
  • I like your outfit ✨😉

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