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🌝 meaning| Full moon face emoji

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🌝 meaning

🌝 means that someone is being sarcastic in a comment.

What does 🌝 mean?

If you receive a text with 🌝 it means the person is being sarcastic with what they said. They’re likely joking about something they don’t actually intend to do.

For example, a friend might text you β€œOf course, I can watch movies 30 days nonstop. πŸŒβ€, the use of 🌝 shows that the person is saying the opposite, hence they don’t intend to do it.

Other meanings and examples

🌝 can be used to initiate a romantic mood

The 🌝 can express a romantic or intimate mood when sexting. If a girl or a guy texts you with the full moon emoji, it means he or she longs for you.

For example,

  • Missing you so much 🌝
  • When are you coming tonight?🌝
  • I like you 🌝

The use of the 🌝 expresses the context of romance in the conversation

🌝 can be Flirtatious

Usually, if a girl wants to tell you that they like you they can use 🌝 to express it and it means that they would love to have fun with you.

For example,

  • β€œI’m feeling naughty tonight πŸŒβ€œ

This means that the person is flirting with you and would like to have an affair should there be an opportunity.

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