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πŸ‘ Meaning| Peach emoji

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πŸ‘ stands for a girl’s backside(butt) and it suggests the desire for intimacy.

What does πŸ‘ mean?

The peach πŸ‘ emoji stands for a girl’s backside(butt) and it’s used to suggest a “desire for intimacy” in texts and on social media. It’s usually paired with emojis like πŸ‘…, πŸ†, and πŸ’¦ to be more emphatic in talking about sexual intercourse.

But, it’s not just about sex; sometimes, people use the πŸ‘ emoji playfully to flirt or be a bit naughty in their communication with you.

Examples and other meanings of πŸ‘

  • Can’t wait for tonight “πŸ‘πŸ‘”
    • Emotion: Sexual
    • Intention: In this example, the use πŸ‘πŸ‘ connotes the desire for intercourse.
  • Just finished my workout πŸ‘.
    • Emotion: Playful
    • Intention: In this context, the person is only being playful. The use of πŸ‘ does not suggest any sexual act.

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