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πŸ’« meaning from a girl| Dizzy emoji

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If a girl texts you πŸ’« it means she is excited about something you said and it’s making her go crazy.

If a girl texted you the πŸ’« emoji

If a a girl texts you with πŸ’« it means that she is excited about something you said and cannot believe it. It’s like saying “OMG I’m excited”

For example, a friend might text you β€œWow you passed the interview?πŸ’«β€, the use of πŸ’« shows that she is very happy. Probably expectations were low.

One thing about the πŸ’« emoji is that it is mostly used by girls. Although guys can also use it.

Other meanings and examples

  • Wow πŸ’«πŸ’«
  • Can’t wait for it πŸ’«
  • Like seriously πŸ’«
  • I passed the interview πŸ’«

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