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πŸ˜‘ meaning from a girl| Text examples

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If a girl texts you πŸ˜‘ it means she is indifferent- not interested in something.

If a girl texted you the πŸ˜‘ emoji

If a girl texts you πŸ˜‘ it means she doesn’t want to show interest in a matter of discussion. It’s like her saying “Sorry I’m not interested.”

It’s commonly seen in situations where there’s a disagreement between two, and she chooses not to get involved, preferring to remain silent and neutral.


  • “πŸ˜‘”
    • Context: The use of πŸ˜‘ alone shows that she is not interested in what is being discussed.
  • “Well, πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘”
    • Context: She trying to remain silent about something.

Other meanings

  • Frustration:

πŸ˜‘ can be used to express frustration. If she wants to express her worry about something, this emoji can be used. For example, “Oh God πŸ˜‘”

  • Annoyance:

Also, depending on the context, a girl may use πŸ˜‘ when she wants to say she are annoyed with you. For example, Why did you do that πŸ˜‘?

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