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😚 vs 😘 meaning| Kissing emojis

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Both 😚 and 😘 express a close bond (love) and gratitude, but 😘 is more romantic, while 😚 is friendlier.

What does 😚 mean?

The emoji 😚 expresses love. It is used to send a sweet, friendly kiss to someone to express affection or gratitude.

What does 😘 mean?

😘 also expresses love but in this instance, it is more of a personal and romantic one. It is used to express a romantic or affectionate kiss in flirty or loving messages.

Examples and other meanings

  • Thank you 😚
    • Emotion: Gratitude
    • Intention: In this example, the person used 😚 in a friendly manner to show appreciation.
  • Missing you. Can’t wait to see you tonight😘😘
    • Emotion: Love
    • Intention: In this context, the person used 😘 to express love for someone.

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