🀑 Meaning| Clown Emoji

🀑 Meaning| Clown Emoji

🀑 means being annoying.

What does 🀑 mean?

Emoji 🀑 means “annoying”. Someone using 🀑 is trying to say they know what they are doing is annoying, but doing it intentionally to tease you. It’s like saying, “I’m annoying, right?”

For example, “I’m going to tell her that you like her 🀑

It can also be used vice versa, where someone is being annoying and you use the emoji 🀑 to tell them that their actions are annoying.

Examples and other 🀑 Meaning

  • “🀑🀑”
    • Emotion: Playful
    • Intention: In this example, the person used 🀑 after saying something very annoying
  • Stop that 🀑
    • Emotion: Annoying
    • Intention: In this context, the person finds something very annoying and wants it to stop.

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