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meaning| Wilted Flower Emoji

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means means “It is over ” – usually in a relationship.

What does mean?

The wilted flower emoji is used to represent the end of a relationship, mostly a romantic one. If someone sends you the person is trying to say something like “It is over between us”.

It could also mean someone is brokenhearted, disappointed or fed up with a relationship.


  • “Don’t text me again “
    • Context: The use of shows that the person does not want to continue with the relationship anymore.
  • “”
    • Context: Quick way of saying “It is over between us”.

Other meanings

Apart from, representing the end of a romantic relationship, it can also be sadness, grief, the loss of a loved one and the end of something in general.

  • Sadness, grief and loss of a loved one.

If a person is in a moment of sadness they might use this emoji to express their pain. This could be grief due to the death of a loved one.

For example, “Why ?”

The multiple use of means the person is very sad.

  • Hopelessness:

The could imply that the person is hopeless. Since the flower is wilted it means the someone has lost something important and hopeless.

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