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🧿 meaning| The evil eye emoji

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The 🧿 emoji means good luck in, bad luck out.

What does 🧿 mean?

The 🧿 emoji expresses good luck. In texts, 🧿 means someone is attracting positive vibes and warding off misfortune or bad luck. Hence, the emoji is used as a sign of protection against evil things or bad luck.

The emoji is known as Nazar (amulet). It’s a cultural shield in Turkey that is believed to protect people from evil staff.

Examples and other meanings

  • Stay safe 🧿
    • Emotion: Caring
    • Intention: In this example, the person is hoping for good for someone.
  • That shall not happen 🧿
    • Emotion: Hopeful
    • Intention: Hoping that something bad does not happen.

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