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Jhit meaning

Jhit meaning- A Florida slang

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“Jhit” is a Florida slang term that refers to someone younger or smaller than you. That’s jhit meaning. When you use the term to describe someone, it’s a way of suggesting that you see yourself as superior to that person.

What does ONB mean in Snapchat

What does ONB mean in Snapchat?

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”ONB” means ”Old News Bro” which implies an information is outdated. In this article, I will answer the question: What does ONB mean in Snapchat, and give you examples to understand better.

what is cnc meaning in slang

What is CNC meaning in slang?

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“CNC,” means “Consensual Non-Consent.” It is a legal term that refers to a situation where partners agree to get permission before any sexual activity. If someone doesn’t follow this agreement, it means they are acting out a consensual role-play that involves simulated non-consensual situations.

What does SMD stand for in texting

What does SMD stand for in texting?

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SMD means ”Suck My Dick.” It is an internet slang that shows that one is angry. It may also be used as a joke among peers.

SMD is however an inappropriate word and disrespectful word hence, you need to consider your surroundings before using it.

It is not safe for children to use.

what does daty mean

What does daty mean?

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Daty means ”Dining at the Y” or ”Do anything to you.” It is a slang that refers to oral sex on a woman whose legs are widely spread. The ”Y” in this case, refers to the female genitalia.

BBJ meaning

What is BBJ meaning?

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Are you wondering what BBJ meaning is? ”BBJ” means “Bare back blow job.” This is a sexual act where one person performs oral sex with another without using a condom. This slang is not safe for both children to use.


DWS meaning in text: Find out

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Are you eager to know DWS meaning in text?

”DWS” stands for ”Dealing with shit.” or ”Dripping with sarcasm.”

But in this article, we will focus on Dealing with shit.

idm meaning in text

IDM meaning in text

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”IDM” stands for “I Don’t Mind.” This abbreviation is used when someone wishes to convey a lack of concern or neutrality towards a particular subject or situation.

what does lms mean in text

What does LMS mean in text? With examples

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LMS stands for “Let Me See.” It is employed when an individual is anticipated to respond but requires a brief moment to contemplate before replying.

Both children and adults can use this abbreviation. It is also safe for work communication

ntm meaning

NTM meaning in text

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NTM is an abbreviation that stands for not much or not too much. It is used in response to a question like, What up? The response indicates that the person is not occupied.