The $25,000 Be Bold No-Essay Scholarship

The $25,000 Be Bold No-Essay Scholarship

The “Be Bold” No-Essay Scholarship

This is your chance to win the $25,000 Be Bold no-essay scholarship designed for individuals with a bold profile. This scholarship is designed for students like you who strive for success and education and celebrate determination and ambition. After signing up for the platform, you can use your student profile to directly access the scholarship panel and emphasize your achievements and goals.

Scholarship Details:

  • $25,000 “Be Bold” Scholarship
  • No-Writing Scholarship
  • Awarded to candidates with the boldest profile

Eligibility Criteria

  • High school, college, and graduate students can also register
  • Highlight courage, determination, and ambition

Registration Procedure

  1. Join the Platform
  2. Complete your student profile
  3. Present your goals, achievements, and dynamics
  4. Submit your application

For us, the boldest does not mean “the best” or “the most talented”. Being bold means being serious, determined, and action-oriented. Based on these qualities, the student who has the boldest profile will receive this scholarship.

Apply here: Be Bold No-Essay Scholarship