CHED Scholarship Program (CSP) 2024

CHED Scholarship Program (CSP) 2024

The CHED Scholarship Program (CSP) remains one of the most sought-after scholarship programs for new students. The main objective of this scholarship is to provide financial assistance to students enrolled in or planning to enroll in colleges, universities, or even authorized higher education institutions.

CHED remains one of the most competitive scholarships offered to students, based on the merits of all applicants. Students can apply for full- and half-merit scholarships. Here, you will find everything you need to know about the CHED Scholarship 2024.

CHED Scholarship Benefits 2024

The CHED Scholarship 2024 is mandated to promote education that is relevant, of high quality, and that produces highly competent graduates in their professional fields. The scholarship will provide financial assistance to cover tuition fees, other tuition fees, and a stipend.

For private higher education institutions, a total of $2,039.33 is offered for the annual period of a full PESFA, including $679.78 for TOSF, $1,189.61 for stipend, and PhP 10,000 for stipend books and connectivity. The amount is reduced by half with each offer when it comes to the semi-annual PESFA, reducing the amount of the annual scholarship for semester periods by half.

On the other hand, SUCs/LUCs receive a total of PhP80,000 from the full annual SSP, divided into PhP70,000 for stipends, PhP10,000 for books and connectivity allowances, and free TOSF. The annual amount of Half SSP is PhP 40,000, divided into PhP 35,000 for stipend, PhP 5,000 for books and connectivity allowance, and free TOSF. All semester amounts are divided by half of the annual full SSP or the annual half SSP.

CHED Scholarship Program (CSP) 2024

CHED Scholarship 2024 Financial Aid

The stipends received by applicants cover tuition and fees (TOSF), including funds that will be paid directly to applicants or through Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) each semester of an academic year until the end of the study program. Below is the general allocation for CHED Scholars:

CHED Scholarship Program (CSP) 2024

B. State Universities and Colleges (SUC) / Local Universities and Colleges (LUC)

CHED Scholarship Program (CSP) 2024

CHED Scholarship Program (CSP) 2024

CHED Scholarship Eligibility Criteria 2024

To apply for the CHED scholarship, the applicant must be a Filipino citizen who has graduated from high school or has graduated from high school. Students must also have a GWA of 96% or higher for the FSSP and FPESFA. A GWA of 93% but no more than 95% is required for half of the SSP and half of the PESFA. Additionally, a combined annual gross income for the guardian/parent is required not to exceed $6,795.56. If the annual gross income of the guardian/parent exceeds the specified limit, applicants must submit a written certificate and/or medical results proving the illness of a family member or school certificates for two or more dependents studying at the university, university, or higher institution. Teaching establishment. Finally, the applicant must only benefit from a government-funded financial aid program.

Priority Courses for CHED Scholarship

There are numerous CHED priority courses that qualified CHED scholarship winners will be able to enroll in. You can get detailed information about priority courses for CHED scholarship in the series CHED Memorandum Order No. 10 of 2021. You can learn about the explanation, allocation of priority programs, list of priority programs, career guidance, derogation, separability, clauses, and efficiency.

CHED Scholarship Application Requirements

The CHED scholarship application requirements are divided into citizenship, academic, and financial requirements. Applicants must submit an original certified copy of their birth certificate, as well as an original certified copy of their high school transcript for eligible incoming freshmen. Original copies of grade 11 and first semester of grade 12 transcripts must be submitted for high school graduates. The student must provide a certificate of high moral character from his or her most recent educational institution.

CHED Scholarship financial obligations include one of the following documents:

  • Children of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) and seafarers must present the most recent copy of their contract or proof of income.
  • A tax exemption certificate issued by the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR).
  • The current income tax return (RTI) of the parents or guardians.
  • A case study from the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD), or an affidavit of lack of income.
  • Certificate of indigence from your barangay.

CHED Scholarship Application Procedure

Follow the procedure mentioned below to apply for the CHED scholarship.

  • The first step is for the student to download the “CHED StuFAPs Application Form” from the CHED website or pick one up in person at the CHED offices. CHED Scholarship Application in 2024.
  • Complete the application form and submit it to the CHED regional offices, along with all necessary documents.
  • After the evaluation process, CHED will call or email you personally to inform you about the status of your application.
  • Applicants must submit the completed CHED StuFAPS application (StuFAP Form 1) directly to the CHED regional office.
  • Candidates who want to study in state universities and colleges (SUCs) must send their StuFAP Form 1 directly to the SUCs.

CHED Scholarship Online Application

Contact CHED

For further clarification, you may contact CHED using the contact details given below.

  • Office of Student Services and Development at Building 3/F HEDC, CP Garcia Avenue, Quezon City, with telephone number: (02) 988-0001 and email:
  • You can also contact them by email: or call: (02) 441-1260.