What does daty mean?

What does daty mean?

”Daty” stands for ”Dinning at the Y” or ”Do anything to you.”

What does Daty mean?

Daty means ”Dining at the Y” or ”Do anything to you.” It is a slang that refers to oral sex on a woman whose legs are widely spread. The ”Y” in this case, refers to the female genitalia.

Do anything to you also implies that your partner is ready to give you any specific sexual act.

This slang is mostly used by people who are seeking sexual encounter. Hence, you need to consider the context in which you use this slang as it is inappropriate.

It is not safe for children to use.

MeaningDining at the Y
Safe for childrenNo
Safe for workNo
Dining at the YDinning at the Y

Examples of Daty in text

example 1

Sure! I am ready for Daty

  • Emotion/intention: sexual
  • The speaker is expressing expresing her readiness the sexual act.

example 2

How much is Daty.

  • Emotion/intention: sexual
  • In this example, the speaker is seeking the cost of the sexual act.

Other Meanings of Daty

Here are other meanings of DWS depending on the context.

  • Dinner at the Yatch



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