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💀 meaning| Skull emoji

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💀 meaning

💀 expresses embarrassment funnily.

What does 💀 mean?

If you receive a text with 💀 the person is saying something like “I am dead” or “You are dead”. It is used when someone feels embarrassed for doing something awkward.

For instance, if someone mispronounces a word, laughs at the wrong time, or says something at the wrong time, they can use 💀 to express how embarrassed they feel. It’s just like saying, “OMG I’m dead”

Other meanings

The skull emoji 💀 can also mean other things apart from representing a metaphoric death.

  • It represents the human skull.
  • For laughter. When something is funny you can use the 💀 skull emoji which means “laughing extremely


  • “Is that me in the video 💀”
    • Emotion: Embarrassed
    • Context: Someone feeling embarrassed after an act in a video.
  • “I am dead 💀
    • Emotion: Joking
    • Context: Someone is probably in trouble but not a serious one.
  • 💀💀💀
    • Emotion: Happy
    • Context: Someone making fun of you or something.

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