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Why do guys stare at me but never smile?

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Why do guys stare at me but never smile

If a guy stares at you but never smiles, it means he is crushing on you but wants to keep it silent.

The reasons could be that:

  • He is crushing on you
  • He is an introvert
  • You are beautiful
  • He is people-watching

If a guy stares at you without smiling

If a guy stares at you without smiling, it might mean he likes you but wants to keep it a secret.

Maybe he’s shy or feels uncomfortable showing his feelings around his friends. Usually, when guys are in love with a girl, they prefer to keep it to themselves without telling their friends until they are certain about their decision. This is because, once they tell their friends they will mount pressure on them to approach the lady.

He might be so into you that he gets nervous and can’t smile or talk normally. It could also mean that he doesn’t want you to know he likes you.

What could be the reason for not smiling

1. He’s an introvert and has a shy nature

Introverted people usually find it difficult to talk to people or approach people hence the guy might not smile when he is such people.

He wishes he could talk to you but his silent nature is a barrier. Being introverted doesn’t just affect how he talks to women, but how he interacts with everyone.

2. He is thinking of something else, not you

Some people think a lot. Any time they are quiet it means something is going on in their mind. It could be that he is going through some difficulties or he is planning something.

So if such a guy stares at you without smiling, it does not mean he has an affection for you but rather he thinking of something else.

3. You are beautiful

If guys stare at you but never smile it means that you are extremely beautiful. If a girl is extremely beautiful, a guy will hardly make gestures for the girl to see but he will talk about it with his friends.

4. He likes you

This is obvious. When a guy looks at you without smiling it means he has an affection for you. This is very common in classrooms where you always have eye contact with this one guy. You may smile but he might not.

It doesn’t mean he hates you but rather likes you.

5. He sees you as a high-class girl ( Inferiority complex on the part of the guy)

If a guy always looks at you without smiling, sometimes it could mean that he sees you beyond his standard and feels that you might reject him when he approaches you. So deep within him, he admires you but doesn’t showcase it.

6. He is “People Watching”

Some people like to watch others no matter how the person looks or the environment. Such a guy with this habit will easily stare at you for no reason.

How To respond to such situations

  • Don’t be annoyed
  • Smile at him
  • Say Hi
  • Start a conversation


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