The πŸ’œ Purple Heart Emoji Meaning

The πŸ’œ Purple Heart Emoji Meaning

The purple heart emoji πŸ’œ means deep love and caring.

What does πŸ’œ mean?

The πŸ’œ purple heart emoji means “deep love and caring”. If you receive a text with πŸ’œ means the person loves so deeply or cares about you.

All heart emojis represent love, but the purple heart πŸ’œ is used when expressing the degree of “love” and “care” for someone.

This is very common in situations where guys save girls numbers with the πŸ’œ emoji which shows the deep love they have for them.

Examples and other meanings of πŸ’œ

  • It shall be well πŸ’œ
    • Emotion: Caring
    • Intention: In this example, the person used πŸ’œ to how much they care about someone
  • Missing you πŸ’œ
    • Emotion: Love
    • Intention: In this context, the person is expressing deep love for someone hence longing for them.

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