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Top 20 What’s up answer funny way

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What's up answer funny way

When someone says “What’s up,” they’re basically asking how you’re doing or what’s happening in your life. For instance, “bank account on strike” is a funny reply for what’s up.

There are numerous funny responses you can use when answering “What’s up” from friends and peers. Stay cool as we take a look at them.

  • “Sleep is avoiding me.”
  • “Bank account is on strike.”
  • “Daily wish for your misfortune done.”
  • “Considering interplanetary relocation.”


  1. Friend: Its been a long time. What’s up

You: Completed my daily wish for your misfortune.

2. Friend: What’s up bro

You: Considering interplanetary relocation

Top 20 What’s up answer funny way

Here are my top 20 replies.

Thanks a million! How’s your day unfolding?

When to use these replies

Though these replies are funny, some of the sound offensive, hence you need to consider who you are dealing with before using them.

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