DWS meaning in text: Find out

DWS meaning in text: Find out

Are you eager to know DWS meaning in text?

”DWS” stands for ”Dealing with shit.” or ”Dripping with sarcasm

But in this article, we will focus on Dealing with shit.

What does DWS mean?

”DWS” means “Dealing With Shit.” This abbreviation may be used by someone who is going through some form of frustration and needs his/her piece of mind.

In this case, you are are busy and unlikely to complete whatever you are doing on time

It is not safe for children and adults to use.

MeaningDealing With Shit
Safe for childrenNo
Safe for workNo
SnapchatDealing With Shit

Examples of DWS in text

example 1

Just ”DWS”. I don’t know when I will be done.

  • Emotion/intention: Frustration
  • The speaker is expressing frustration from a task he is supposed to complete.

example 2

We are ”DWS” but we will surely succeed.

  • Emotion/intention: Energetic
  • In this example, the speaker is hoping to succeed though the ongoing task is difficult.

Other Meanings of DWS

Here are other meanings of DWS depending on the context.

  • Dats wassup
  • Dripping with sarcasm



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