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What is BBJ meaning?

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BBJ meaning

”BBJ” stands for ”Bareback blow job”

What does DWS mean?

Are you wondering what BBJ meaning is? ”BBJ” means “Bare back blow job.” This is a sexual act where one person performs oral sex with another without using a condom. This slang is not safe for both children to use.

It however has other meanings so you need to understand the context before concluding.

MeaningBare back blow job
Safe for childrenNo
Safe for workNo
Mostly usedSocial media/ internet

Examples of BBJ in text

example 1

Why do men like BBJ?

  • Emotion/intention: Sexual
  • The speaker in this example is questioning why men like that sexual act.

example 2

You gotta give me BBJ tonight.

  • Emotion/intention: Sexual
  • In this example, the speaker is hoping to get this sexual act from a partner.

Other Meanings of DWS

Here are other meanings of BBJ depending on the context.

  • Broad Ban Job
  • Black Business Journal
  • Bad Beat Jackpot

I hope you now understand this internet slang.



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