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XDD meaning| slang examples

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XDD meaning

“XDD” means “laughing a lot”

In this article, we look at everything concerning xdd meaning which is an alternative for “lol”.

What does xdd mean?

“XDD” is similar to “lol,” but it means “laughing a lot”. 😄 The more “D”s you add, the more intense the laughter. For example, “Bro, did you see his marks? XDDDD…”

Examples of XDD in texting

example 1

See the kid “XDD”

Context/intention: In this example, the kid is perhaps doing something that is making you laugh.

example 2

A sneaky link gone wrong bro, “XDDDDD

Context/ intention: In this example, you are laughing uncontrollably by using more Ds at a situation gone wrong.

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