INOH meaning in text| Slang Examples

INOH meaning in text| Slang Examples

INOH” stands for ”in need of head”.

Did you know INOH meaning? I’m sure you have probably seen this slang in social media groups and other platforms usually used by teenagers and young adults.

In this article, we will have a quick discussion about INOH, which is a popular slang on social media.

What is INOH meaning?

INOH means ” in need of head”. It is popular social media slang that implies ”you need oral sex” from a woman. That’s INOH meaning.

For instance, if someone posts on Snapchat, ”INOH, anyone available”. The person is trying to say that he needs oral sex from a woman.

INOH is sensitive slang like Daty; hence, it’s not safe for children. It is also not safe for work because it may raise some issues.

Though this slang is used more privately, it is now used publicly on social media in a jovial manner. Thus, people use this slang to express excitement.

However, before expressing your excitement, you need to consider the company you are with before using it because it is sensitive.

Examples of INOH in texting

example 1

I’m lonely tonight, ”INOH”.

Context/intention: The speaker is asking for oral sex in this context.

example 2

I love this song, ”INOH!

Emotion/context: In this example, the speaker is just expressing excitement.

Other meanings of INOH

  • In need of help

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