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Jhit meaning- A Florida slang

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Jhit meaning

Jhit means ”young or smaller person.

What is the meaning of jhit

“Jhit” is a Florida slang term that refers to someone younger or smaller than you. That’s jhit meaning. When you use the term to describe someone, it’s a way of suggesting that you see yourself as superior to that person.

This slang is normally used when referring to kids.

Examples of Jhit

example 1

You are such a ”Jhit”., why are your clothes so dirty?

Emotion/ context: In this example, the speaker is showing seniority over a kid.

example 2

Oh gosh, I am so tired. I wish I were a ”jhit”.

Emotion/context: In this example, the speaker desires to be someone younger ( jhit).

Another meaning of Jhit

  • Junior High Invitational
  • Young gangster

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