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What does ONB mean in Snapchat?

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What does ONB mean in Snapchat

”ONB” means ”Old News Bro” which implies an information is outdated. In this article, I will answer the question: What does ONB mean in Snapchat, and give you examples to understand better.

ONB meaning

ONB means “old news bro.” It’s a term commonly used on Snapchat when someone brings up outdated information. It’s a way of saying, “That’s old news, and you’re behind the times.” It’s usually used among peers with a sarcastic tone to playfully point out that someone is out of touch or bring up something everyone already knows.

Examples of ONB

example 1

  • Friend: “Hey, did you hear about that new app? It’s amazing!”
  • You: “ONB! I’ve been using that for months. Where have you been, living under a rock?”

Emotion/ Context: Playful teasing, implying you are late to discovering the news.

example 2

  • Sibling: “I just found this cool new band. Have you heard of them?”
  • You: “ONB! I was at their concert last year. Nice of you to catch up.”

Emotion/ content: Sassy and sarcastic, showing that you’ve been a fan for a while and the sibling is just catching on.

Other Meanings of ONB

Here are other meanings of ONB depending on the context.

  • On bro
  • outta nowhere boner
  • On Board
  • Outward Nose Breath
  • Open Now Baby

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