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What does SPWM mean in text?

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What does SPWM mean in text

SPWM” means ”stop playing with me

Has a tried tried to play tricks with you? or have you done that before? What was your response? In this article, we will look at What does SPWM mean in text. It is a cool abbreviation for responding to friends who try to play with your mind.

What does SPWM mean?

”SPWM” is an abbreviation for “stop playing with me.” It is commonly used as a response when someone is joking or teasing. If you’re playfully messing with a friend and they text “SPWM,” it indicates they’ve caught on to your antics and are asking you to cease.

For example, if you tell your friend, “Hey, you killed the exams with a perfect score,” and their response is ”What! SPWM,” it means that they’ve realized you’re joking and want you to stop.

Examples of SPWM in texting

example 1

Friend : Hey you had 100% in the exams

You: What! ”SPWM”

Context/intention: In this example, you doubt what your friend said.

example 2

Friend: Hey I’m at your door.

You: ”SPWM

Emotion/context: In this example, you are is just expressing excitement.

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