What does SMD stand for in texting?

What does SMD stand for in texting?

”SMD” stands for ”Suck My Dick”

What does SMD mean?

SMD means ”Suck My Dick.” It is an internet slang that shows that one is angry. It may also be used as a joke among peers.

SMD is however an inappropriate word and disrespectful word hence, you need to consider your surroundings before using it.

It is not safe for children to use.

Examples of SMD in text

example 1

SMD bro, I will catch you on the field.

  • Emotion/intention: Lighthearted or Joke
  • The speaker is just joking in this contest.

example 2

SMD, why did you report me to the police?

  • Emotion/intention: Anger
  • In this example, the speaker is very angry at someone who reported him to the police.

Other Meanings of SMD

Here are other meanings of DWS depending on the context.

  • Social Media Day



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