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NTM meaning in text

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ntm meaning

NTM” means “not much” or “not too much.

What does NTM mean?

“NTM” is an abbreviation that stands for “not much” or “not too much.” In texting, it is used in response to a question like, What’s up? The response indicates that the person is not occupied.

The slang is acceptable for children to use. It is also safe for work responses. It is informal, so the usage depends on you, whether you use it or not. But there is nothing wrong with using it.

MeaningNot Much or Not too Much
Safe for childrenYes
Safe for workYes
Snapchat meaningNot Much or Not Too Much
Urban dictionaryNot Much or Not Too Much
Instagram meaningNot Much or Not Too Much
Year it began trending2015
PopularityText messages and social media

Examples and other meanings

1. “NTM, just Netflix and chillin’.

  • Emotion: Mediocre.
  • Intention: The response shows that the user of the slang is not busy, hence having some relaxation.

2. “NTM, He is handsome

  • Emotion: Satisfaction
  • Intention: In this context, the speaker is expressing admiration for the person’s appearance by stating that there’s not much to say, conveying satisfaction without the need for extensive words.

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