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What does LMS mean in text? With examples

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what does lms mean in text

”LMS” stands for ”Let Me See.”

What does LMS mean?

LMS stands for “Let Me See.” It is employed when an individual is anticipated to respond but requires a brief moment to contemplate before replying.

Both children and adults can use this abbreviation. It is also safe for work communication.

MeaningLet Me See
Safe for childrenyes
safe for workyes
TikTok meaningLet Me See
Snapchat meaningLet Me See
Instagram meaningLet Me See
Year it began trending2018
PopularityText messages and social media

Examples of LMS in text

example 1

Spk 1: When are we going to the party

Spk 2: LMS, when Michael arrives

  • Emotion: Suspense.
  • intention: The answer shows that the speaker, had to take some seconds to respond to the question.

example 2

spk1: When is the kick-off for the match

spk2: LMS, Its 2 pm

  • Emotion: suspense
  • Intention: In this context, the second speaker answers the question but takes a little time to think and respond.

Other Meanings of LMS

Here are other meanings of LMS depending on the context.

  • Like My Status
  • Last Man Standing
  • Learning Management System
  • Last Man Syndrome


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