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What does CM mean in texting?

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What does CM mean in texting

”CM” means ”crazy man’

CM meaning

“CM” means “crazy man.” It is slang used jokingly to refer to someone, mostly a peer, who is trying to play tricks with you. The meaning is not offensive, but you need to consider the context and who is involved before using the slang.

Examples of CM

what does cm mean in texting
Screenshot of a text message between two friends.

example 1

Don’t play such pranks on me, ”CM”.

Emotion/context: In this example, the speaker seems to have a mixed feeling of disappointment and joking.

example 2

Friend: I want to marry the most beautiful musician in this country.

You: Are you ”CM”?

Emotion/context: In this example, CM was used jokingly.

Other meanings CM

Crazy Man is quite an unpopular meaning for CM, but other meanings of it are very popular. They include

  • Call me, which is very popular in texting and social media
  • Centimeter, which is a mathematical unit of measurement.

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