IHHT meaning| Slang examples

IHHT meaning| Slang examples

”IHHT” means ”alright”.

Did you know what IHHT meaning is? I’m sure you have probably seen this slang in text messages. We will have a quick discussion about this slang.

I personally came across this slang about two years ago while I was texting with my friend who lives in the USA. He used IHHT in the text message and trust me I didn’t understand so I had to ask for the meaning.

In this article, we will have a quick discussion about INOH, which is a popular slang used in texting and social media.

What does IHHT mean in texting?

”IHHT” means ”alright”. It is just a quicker and lazy way of saying ”okay” which expresses the acceptance or affirmation of a matter.

”aight” and ”ite” are similar to alright hence can be used interchangably in reference to IHHT

Examples of IHHT in texting

example 1

IHHT”, I will put it into consideration

Context/intention: The speaker is expressing ”acceptance” in this context.

example 2

IHHT”, let’s start tonight.

Emotion/context: In this example, the speaker is just expressing ”affirmation”.

Other meanings of IHHT

  • The intermittent hypoxic-hyperoxic training

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