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What does WGAT mean in texting?

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What does WGAT mean in texting

”WGAT” means “who gives a toss”. It is used when you are angry or don’t care about something.

In this article, I will briefly enlighten you on the popular question: what does wgat mean in texting?

WGAT meaning

”WGAT’‘ means ”who gives a toss.” It’s like saying who cares or I don’t care. It is usually used when you are angry or don’t care about the situation.

For instance, someone tells you, ”Hey, do you know your girlfriend has a sneaky link with your cousin?” and you reply, WGAT, which means you don’t care.

Examples of WGAT in texting

example 1

WGAT” you can leave if you want.

Context/intention: The speaker is angry in this context.

example 2

Friend: Do you know the tutor has two mansions?

You: ”WGAT’‘.

Emotion/context: In this example, the speaker is just careless.

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