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OMM meaning text| Slang examples

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omm meaning text

”OMM” stands for ”On My Mind”.

Did you know OMM meaning text? You have probably seen this slang on social media and text messages.

In this article, we will have a quick discussion about OMM.

What does OMM mean in text?

”OMM” means ”On My Mind’‘. When you’re thinking about someone, text them OMM. It’s a cute way to say they’re on your mind right now.”

In a nutshell, OMM is an abbreviation used to tell someone that you’re thinking about them. This is very common in texting and social media.

For instance, if you receive a text message, ” Hey, are you there? OMM lately”. The sender is trying to tell you how he or she has been thinking of you off late.

Examples of OMM meaning text

example 1

Where are you, dear? ”OMM” lately

Context/intention: The speaker is expressing affection cutely.

example 2

”OMM.” I miss you.

Emotion/context: In this example, the speaker expresses affection.

Other meanings of OMM

  • On My Momma

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