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What does ATP mean in texting| Slang examples

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“ATP” means “At Present”

What does ATP mean?

“ATP” stands for “At Present” in texting and on TikTok. This slang is used when someone what to refer to the present, thus what’s going on at the moment. For example; Will call you back. Busy ATP“. It is considered safe for children.

MeaningAt Present
Text messagingAt Present
TikTok meaningAt Present
Snapchat meaningAt Present
Instagram meaningAt Present
Safe for ChildrenYes
Safe for WorkYes
Year it began trending2020
PopularityText messages and social media

Examples and other ATP Meaning

  • What’s up “ATP”?
    • Emotion: Question
    • Context/ Intention: In this example, the person is asking a question using ATP which means what’s going on at the particular time.
  • In class “ATP”
    • Emotion: Reference
    • Context/ Intention: In this example, the person used ATP to tell what was happening at that point on texting.

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