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Coems meaning| Slang examples

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Coems is an intentional misspelling of “Cum”

What does Coems mean?

The slang term, “Coems” means “Cum”(the act of ejaculating during sex). It is mostly used on TikTok and Roblox. People use it to talk about sexual stuff without getting banned in groups or on websites that don’t allow explicit words. It’s a way of avoiding trouble by misspelling the word.

Text messagesCum
TikTok meaningCum
Roblox meaningCum
PopularityText messaging and social media

Examples and other Meaning

  • Noting much. Just wanna Coems.
    • Emotion: Playful
    • Context/ Intention: In this example, the person used the slang playfully about having an orgasm.
  • Who can make me Coems?
    • Emotion: Playful
    • Context/ Intention: In this example, “coems” is used playfully while avoiding the actual word, “cum”.

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