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Glizzy meaning| Text and slang examples

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“Glizzy” means “hot dogs.”

What does Glizzy mean?

The slang term “Glizzy” means “Hot dogs.” This slang originated in the USA, but it is now known worldwide. In case you don’t know, a hot dog is simply dog meat.

This slang is, however, used negatively by some people on social media. Others use it for sexual meanings, such as referring to glizzy as the d*ck of a guy, and many more.

Hence, you need to consider your environment before using the term, as it may be offensive to some people.

MeaningHot dogs
TikTok meaningHot dogs
Sexual meaningPenis
PopularityText messaging and social media

Examples and other Glizzy Meaning

  • I just finished enjoying some delicious glizzy.
    • Emotion: Happy
    • Context/Intention: In this example, the person just finished eating some hot dog meat.
  • Any glizzy joints around?
    • Emotion: Happy
    • Context/Intention: In this example, the person is looking for somewhere to probably buy a hot dog.

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