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13 July 2024

“SA” means “knows.”

What does SA mean?

The slang term, “SA” means “Knows or Understand”. It has its origin in the Spanish word “sabe” which means “Knowsor Understand

Hence, if someone texts you the slang term, SA they mean, “I Know” or “I understand”.

Text messagingUnderstands
Safe for ChildrenYes
Safe for WorkYes
PopularityText messaging and social media

Examples and other SA Meaning

  • I SA
    • Emotion: Understanding
    • Context/ Intention: In this example, the person used SA to simply say “I understand”
  • Hey, SA! Let’s party tonight.?
    • Emotion: Happy
    • Context/ Intention: In this example, the person is convincing someone to attend a party with them.

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