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13 July 2024

“SP” stands for “Self-Plug”

What does SP mean?

The slang term “SP” is an abbreviation for “Self Promotion” or “Self-Plug”. It’s used in reference to someone promoting their own blog, YouTube channel and other social media handles.

It can also be used playfully in conversations when you want to express your excitement about something.

The slang though not offensive, it is not considered safe for children and work. This is because, “SP” sounds like being pompous per the understanding of some communities.

MeaningSelf- Plug
Texting meaningSelf- Plug
Instagram meaningSelf- Plug
Snapchat meaningSelf- Plug
TikTok meaningSelf- Plug
Safe for ChildrenNo
Safe for WorkNo
PopularityText messaging and social media

Examples and other SP meaning

  • Feeling SP tonight
    • Emotion: Excitement
    • Context/Intention: In this example, the person used SP because the feel they’re on top of the world at the moment.
  • All my IG followers was through SP
    • Emotion: Happy
    • Context/Intentional: In this context, the person is proud of the fact that they have been able to gather a huge fan base on IG

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