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Grool meaning| Text and Slang Examples

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“Grool” stands for “cool.”

What does grool mean?

The slang term “Grool” is made up of two words, “great” and “cool”. It’s is used as a a way of giving approval or being enthusiastic about something.

The slang is considered safe for children as it’s usually used among peers. But it is not safe for work due to the informality of the slang.

Slang Grool
Texting meaningCool
Instagram meaningCool
Snapchat meaningCool
TikTok meaningCool
Safe for ChildrenYes
Safe for WorkNo
PopularityText messaging and social media

Examples and other grool meaning

  • Grool, HBU .
    • Emotion: Excitement
    • Context/Intention: In this example, the use of “grrool” expresses how fine the person is.
  • Just received a gift from my friend. It’s grool
    • Emotion: Happy
    • Context/Intentional: In this context, the person used grool to express how cool and nice the gift was.

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