HBU Meaning| Text and slang examples

HBU Meaning| Text and slang examples

“HBU” means “How About You?”.

What does HBU mean?

“HBU” means “How About You?” It’s like when someone asks, “How are you?” and you reply with “I’m good, HBU?” This is a friendly way of asking them the same question in return, wanting to know what’s happening on their end or how they’re doing.

Examples in text

  • Just relaxing, HBU
    • Emotion: Question
    • Context/ intention: In this example you are responding to a question like what’s up and also asking the same on the person’s part.
  • “I couldn’t solve it”, HBU
    • Emotion: Response
    • Context/ intention: Here, you are responding to and also asking about a probable work you were asked to solve.

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