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What does MK mean in text?

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What does MK mean in text

”MK” stands for ”Mmm okay”

MK meaning

”MK’ means ”Mmm okay,” which implies that you are not completely convinced. It often use it when you find something a bit silly or hard to believe.

For example, ”MK,” let’s see what happens tonight.From the example you can clearly see that the speaker is reluctant and hence does not affirm whatever question that was asked.

Examples of MK in texting

MK is used to express dout in this scenirio.

example 1

Friend: Please borrow me $100. I will give back to you tomorrow

You: ”MK”

Context / intention: Doubt/ reluctancy is express here.

example 2

Boyfriend: I’m sorry this won’t happen again.

You: ”Mk”

Emotion/context: In this example, the speaker expresses doubt.

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