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IGS meaning in text| Slang examples

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IGS meaning in text

“IGS” means” i guess so”. It is when you are unsure or careless about something.

In this article, we look at everything concerning IGS meaning in text.

What does IGS mean?

“IGS” means “I guess so,” and it’s used when someone isn’t sure about something. For instance, if someone asks, “Do you like math?” and the response is “IGS,” it means the person is expressing uncertainty or not being sure about their feelings toward math.

“IGS” can also mean someone is being careless or indifferent about a question. If they don’t really care or haven’t thought much about it, they might just reply with “IGS.”

It is popularly used in text messaging.

Examples of IGS meaning in text

  • Friend: When is the match at 5 pm?

You: “I guess so”.

Context: You don’t care much about the football match.

  • Friend: Will you be at the meeting tomorrow?

You:” I guess so.”

Context: You’re not certain about attending and are not committed.

  • Friend: Pizza or burgers for dinner?

You: “I guess so”.

Context: You’re indifferent or careless about the food choice.

  • Friend: Will you apply for that job?

You: “I guess so.”

Context: You’re uncertain and not actively considering the job.

  • Friend: Coming to the party on Saturday?

You:” I guess so.

Context: You’re not committed or enthusiastic about attending the party.

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