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BFFR Meaning| Slang examples

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“BFFR” means “Be fucking for real”.

What does BFFR mean?

“BFFR” stands for “Be fucking for real.” People use it when they’re frustrated and want an honest answer quickly. For example, if someone says, “Sorry, you failed the exams,” and you reply with “BFFR,” it means you’re frustrated and want them to be honest.

The abbreviation is not suitable for kids or work because it includes a strong word. You however, use it in both happy and frustrating situations, depending on the context.

Examples in text

  • “BFFR”, tell me what’s going on
    • Emotion: Question
    • Context/ intention: The person is frustrated here and needs an honest answer quickly.
  • She told me she is crushing on me and i was like BFFR.”
    • Emotion: Happy
    • Context/ intention: In this example, the BFFR is used in a happy tone expressing what the person is feeling at the moment.

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