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ISO meaning| Text and slang examples

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“ISO” means In Search Of ” in texting and on social media.

What does ISO mean?

If someone uses “ISO” in a text message or social media, they mean “in search of.” It’s quick way of saying they’re looking for something, whether it’s an item to buy or a person to find. For example, they might say, “ISO the best Pub in California” to ask for suggestions from others.

Examples and other ISO meaning

  • ISO a sneaky link tonight!
    • Emotion: Investigatory
    • Content/ intention: In this example, the person is looking for someone to hang around for a possible sexual affair. This is very common on social media.
  • Just moved to a new city, ISO friends to explore local spots together!.
    • Emotion: Investigatory
    • Content/ intention: Here we can see that the person is looking for someone to hang around with.

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