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NPC meaning| Text and slang examples

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“NPC” means “Non-player Character”

What does NPC mean?

Abbreviation “NPC” means “Non-player Character”. It’s a slang that refers to someone who lacks personality in gaming. In video games, it’s a character that doesn’t have much personality and is usually on the side, not interacting much with players. Calling someone an “NPC” means they seem a bit plain or lack individuality.

Examples and other NPC meaning

  • You still don’t get me? You’re such an “NPC”
    • Emotion: Offensive
    • Content/ intention: In this example, there seems to be a misunderstanding between two parties hence, on calling the other NPC which means the person is such a waste.
  • Wow! These kids are good at gaming. I feel like an “NPC”
    • Emotion: Reflective
    • Content/ intention: Here we can see that the person feels left behind due to the smartness of the kids in gaming.

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