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What does IHY mean?| Slang examples

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“IHY” means “I hate you”

IHY meaning

When you hear someone saying “IHY” they mean “I hate you” and it sounds like anger or frustration but it’s does’t only mean hatred rather a way of showing love or joking with someone. For example, being playful one may say “IHY where did you get this old pic of mine”

IHY is not considered safe for work.

Examples and other IHY meaning

  • OMG. IHY
    • Emotion: Playful
    • Content/ intention: In this example, the person is just being playful by using IHY.
  • IHY- I know you’re having a sneaky link with my boyfriend.
    • Emotion: Anger
    • Content/ intention: Here, the person used IHY to express anger about a situation.

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