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GMFU Meaning| Text and slang examples

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“GMFU” means “Got me fucked up”.

What does GMFU mean?

“GMFU” means “Got me fucked up” It is an abbreviation that is used when someone or a situation confuses you such that you don’t know what to do next.

It’s not safe for children and work because it contains profane words.

Examples and other meanings in text

  • The teacher GMFU at a point.
    • Emotion: Confusion
    • Context/ intention: In this example, you are describing how you got confused while the teacher was teaching.
  • The homework GMFU
    • Emotion: Frustration
    • Context/ intention: In this example, your talking about how your homework was stressful.
  • My ex “GMFU” in the relationship
    • Emotion: Frustration
    • Context/ intention: Here, you are talking about what you went through in your relationship.

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